GEO Mountains released the first version of “Mountains Uncovered” series

The Mountains Uncovered series seeks to provide an easily understandable overview of the key characteristics of 100 selected mountain ranges around the world, and was developed by collating and visualising a variety of current global scale, open data products. The consistent approach taken throughout enables comparisons between mountain ranges to be made.

The series can be a useful resource for researchers, policy-makers, environmental managers, educators, and others seeking to better understand the Earth’s major mountain regions, and that over time it will inspire the generation of additional datasets, analyses, and products.

There may be some aspects in which the Mountains Uncovered series could potentially be improved in future, both in terms of the presentation of the material and the underlying datasets. To that end, all feedback is extremely welcome via the form mentioned in each PDF. More generally, GEO Mountains hope that the identification of “missing themes” like mountain biodiversity and agriculture (due to lack of suitable global datasets) will stimulate collaborative efforts to fill those gaps.

All are warmly invited to disseminate the Mountains Uncovered series.

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