Background Documents

WWF 2018 Living Planet Report and the Carpathian perspective

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S4C Memorandum 2009 and 2012

The S4C meeting on 10 June 2009 established an interim Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) to guide the development of the S4C initiative. The Memorandum outlines aims, objectives, structure and the functioning of the initiative and the SSC.

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S4C documents related to the Carpathian Convention

S4C Bucharest Statement COP2

In June 2008, right after the launch of the S4C initiative, the vision and preliminary goals of the S4C initiative were presented to the 2nd Ministerial Conference of Parties (COP2) of the Carpathian Convention on 17-19 June 2008 in Bucharest, Romania (Björnsen Gurung 2008).
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COP2 Report to the Framework Convention

The same meeting (17-19 June 2008) adopted the Decision COP2/9 welcoming the establishment of S4C as a platform of researchers for and in the Carpathians for the implementation of Article 12 (Environmental assessment and information system, monitoring and early warning) of the Carpathian Convention” (ISCC 2008:3).
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S4C Side Event at COP3

The side-event aimed at informing on S4C activities, the publication of the Research Agenda for the Carpathians, and joint interests with the Carpathian Convention (26 May 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia).
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Rudaz Gilles (Stara Lesna, 30 May 2012)

Presentation of the research anaylising S4C Network

Presentation of  the S4C Network Analysis

Why mountains matter for Central, Eastern, South Eastern Europe

Policy brief for RIO 20+ and beyond