On social innovation in rural, forest-dependent communities – session with Carpathian examples during IUFRO Congress in Freiburg, Germany

The cases from the Carpathian Mountains will be presented among many examples of the social innovations in rural areas during the session entitled “Ecosystem services and the wellbeing of forest dependent communities: enhancing social innovation and building resilience to global changes in remote rural areas“, organised by S4C SSC member – Prof. Maria Nijnik during IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress in Freiburg, Germany.

The IUFRO session in September will address questions of how to integrate local and indigenous knowledge in forestry-related decision-making processes; what are green energy options for forest-dependent communities; how to assess forest policy options through an improved understanding of the attitudes prevailing in forest-dependent communities, building resilience and capacities for sustainability, and how to integrate forest ecosystem services into climate change adaptation plans.

More on the session can be found at IUFRO website.

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