New paper on natural disturbance mediated tradeoffs between biodiversity and carbon in Carpathians forests

Our S4C SSC member, prof. William Keeton was involved in the recently published research on natural disturbance tradeoffs between biodiversity and carbon in Carpathians forests.

The paper describes both co-benefits and tradeoffs between carbon storage and biodiversity that are mediated at large temporal and spatial scales by natural disturbances.  As the Authors say in the paper, “These findings underscore the interdependencies of forest processes, and highlight the necessity of large-scale conservation programmes to effectively promote both biodiversity and long-term carbon storage.”

Based on data from a vast network of plots and tree cores from throughout the Carpathian Mountains, this study will have advance the scienc and possibly even the practice of sustainable forest management. The study was led by Drs. Martin Mikoláš and Miroslav Svoboda of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.

The paper can be found online.

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