Call for Proposals on Mountains as Sentinels of Change

Call aims at fostering research on climate, environmental and related societal change in mountain regions, considering both new measurements, recovery of existing data, and the development and use of integrated modelling strategies by adopting a strong trans- and inter-disciplinary approach.

Attention to the hydrological, ecological, societal and economic implications of the ongoing and expected environmental changes is an essential component in the proposed projects, as well as the design of adaptation measures in the face of climate and global change, regional development and sustainable development strategies for mountain regions.

Five main themes have been identified that characterize the “Mountains as sentinels of change” Collaborative Research Action (CRA) Call. The themes of the call are:

• Theme 1. Drivers of change

The variety of natural and anthropogenic drivers that generate the observed and expected environmental changes in the mountains.

• Theme 2. Ecosystems and Biodiversity

The changes in ecosystem functions in response to drivers and the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem services.

• Theme 3. Water

The mountain water resources and the changes in water availability due to environmental changes related to the different driving factors.

• Theme 4. Hazards, Vulnerability and Risks

The hazards that affect mountain regions and their impacts; the vulnerability of natural and human systems to drivers of change and impacts on society; the aggregated and cascading effects of multiple hazards.

• Theme 5. Adaptation and Resilience

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