6 Global Biodiversity Conservation Conference – The World after 2020: From Crisis to Biodiversity Conservation, 10-12th November, Prague

The 6th year of the GBCC international conference, which will take place on 10-12th November 2021 at the CZU in Prague, is devoted to looking back on the “covid” year 2020 as a surrogate moment in the current loss of biodiversity from the perspective of science and nature conservation. The aim of this year’s GBCC conference with the title “The World after 2020: From Crisis to Biodiversity Conservation” is to name the specific factors behind the current problems of global biodiversity and to present possible solutions and prospects for the future. Presentations by a diverse range of international guests will address biodiversity conservation in the changing world, such as combating illegal wildlife trade, resolving human-wildlife conflict, the importance of animal husbandry in modern zoos, and direct biodiversity conservation through projects operating in the natural areas of endangered species across many regions of the world. However, the program will also address possible sustainable solutions as well as the perspective of international legislation and social responsibility. In addition, during the social evening on 11th November, there will be a fashion show of attractive and sustainable work by four designers who think of the environment. Even the general public can come to get inspired by the fashion of the future, and that is completely free of charge.

Registration ends on 15th October https://gbcc-conference.org/en/register/


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