130 abstracts recieved for Forum Carpaticum 2016

130 abstracts were received covering all three main sessions: Inclusive (10%), Smart (20%) and Sustainable (70%). Among all,  oral presentations hold 66,6% and posters 33,3%. In all these presentations almost 500 researchers are involved, from 90 institutions and 16 countries.

Additionally, in paralell with the conference sessions, five conference workshops will be organised:

  1. Bringing Phenology & Citizen Science to the Carpathians (Proposed by Barbara Szabo)
  2. Education for Sustainable Development in the Carpathians (Proposed by Tamara Mitrofanenko, Mioara Clius)
  3. Smart Marketing for Sustainable Carpathian Tourism Destination(s) (Proposed by Felicia Stancioiu and Puiu Nistoreanu)
  4. Enhancing Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion in the Carpathians (Proposed by Ianos Ioan)
  5. The Potentials of a Carpathian Convention Protocol on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) for Fostering Innovative Agricultural Initiatives to Promote the Vitality of Rural and Peripheral Areas in the Carpathians (Proposed by  Christian HoffmannFilippo Favilli, and Eleonora Musco)

All the details can be found at the conference website.


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