WWF Living Planet report released

The Living Planet Report, WWF’s flagship publication released every two years, is a comprehensive study of trends in global biodiversity and the health of the planet. The Living Planet Report 2018 is the twelfth edition of the report and provides the scientific evidence to what nature has been telling us …

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Collection of examples of social innovation in mountain areas

SIMRA’s fourth brochure collecting examples of social innovation in marginalised rural areas has just been published. This collection of brochures aims at concretely illustrating social innovation through the presentation of local on-going initiatives throughout Europe and the Mediterranean basin, taking turns addressing different marginalized rural areas. This brochure addresses mountain …

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The Landing is on Friday. Event of speculative ecology in Transcarpathia

The 48-hour happening will take place between trees and ruins. It will develop a non-linear narrative on ‘speculative ecology’ – a field trial on an ecology with the active participation of fictional aliens, socio-techno-epistemological aliens, corrupted aliens, political, bureaucratic, endangered aliens. Together with the participation of humans the question is …

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Invitation to the CLIMATE Special Issue “Social Ecological Systems, Climate and Global Change”

This Special Issue was inspired by the IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organizations) 8.01.02 Landscape Ecology conference “The Green–Blue Nexus”. The topic addresses the conflict between provisioning services (biomass, food, fodder, etc. = the “Green”) and regulating services (e.g., drinking water provisioning, irrigation water, flood and erosion control = …

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The first MOOC on Landscape Ecology

First MOOC focused on Landscape Ecology was prepared by ETH Zurich & WSL. Participants learn theory, methods and tools to understand the landscapes we live in and to solve landscape-related environmental problems. the course is available online.