Forum Carpaticum 2020 date change – update

Dear S4C Community,

Due to the coronavirus situation, the conference organizers decided to postpone the 6th Forum Carpaticum conference to 2021.

As a result of negotiations with Mendel University, two dates can be considered:
1-5 February 2021 or 21-25 June 2021. After asking the S4C SSC for its opinion, vast majority supported the June date.

However, another important aspect that needs to be considered is coordinating the final date of the conference with the expected date of COP6, as one of the main aims of the conference is to present the results and messages of the Forum Carpaticum to the policy and decision makers. Therefore the organizers will keep in contact with the Secretariat and the Hungarian presidency of the Carpathian Convention and try to synchronize the date of Forum Carpaticum with the COP6 action.

We will inform you about the decision of the final date of the Forum Carpaticum later, but as soon as possible.

We wish you all the best and a lot of health in these difficult times.

Please follow our conference website updates.

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