Call for proposals under the IKI project/contest “Solution Search Farming for Biodiversity”

Solution Search: Farming for Biodiversity is looking to identify and reward the most promising approaches to conserving biodiversity on agricultural lands. Organizations working on innovative agricultural practices that help conserve and support the natural environment could win up to $30 000 with additional side prizes for community and social impact, food security and nutrition impact, biodiversity impact and water impact. All finalists will attend a capacity-building workshop and awards ceremony in New York City, New York, United States of America, with some of the biggest names in conservation and development.

Beyond monetary prizes, Solution Search will offer in-country campaigning and technical trainings to help replicable solutions reach scale. An organization’s idea could reach thousands of communities worldwide and help inform United Nations policy processes.

Examples of potential entries include:

  • Sustainable land use management that integrates the consideration of biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Alternative pest control practices that reduce toxic run-off into local water sources
  • Organic farming methods that increase soil biodiversity (or other species)
  • Livestock control measures that protect local flora and fauna
  • Innovative approaches that reduce human-animal conflicts in agricultural zones

Furthermore, individuals that know of someone doing qualifying work may submit a nomination to be eligible for the $1 000 nomination prize.


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