Call for papers “Understanding and Preparing for Uncertainty in Sustainable Disaster Risk Management” in Sustainability

The Editors seek submissions from a variety of fields and contexts, as diversity across these areas will provide important and complimentary insights into uncertainty during crises and disasters. Thus, we welcome papers that address topics including, but not limited to:

  • How uncertainty should be considered in technical risk assessment, mitigation, response, and recovery planning (including the Sendai Framework).
  • The role and management of uncertainty in sustainability frameworks (including the Sustainable Development Goals).
  • Approaches to considering and addressing uncertainty and decision-making at the individual, community, and national levels.
  • Ethical considerations around uncertainty in disaster and sustainability research and practice.
  • Indigenous perspectives of uncertainty in risk, planning, and decision-making.
  • How education and training for leadership building and decision-making can build capacity and capability for uncertainty.
  • The influence of uncertainty on relationships and communications, particularly participatory and engagement approaches; and how to manage or cope with that uncertainty.
  • Other topics that bridge between uncertainty, risk, disasters, and sustainability.

More details at the Special Issue website.

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