Call for Papers: How Can Education Contribute to Sustainable Mountain Development? Past, Present, and Future Perspectives

This issue of Mountain Research and Development aims to provide answers to the question of how education can contribute to sustainable mountain development and to mitigation of negative impacts; answers can come from the past, present, and envisioned future of education on, in, and for mountains and mountain people. We understand “education” in a broad sense, including formal education from schools to postgraduate education, all types of training for practitioners, lifelong learning opportunities, and all types of informal and nonformal education. For its 3 peer-reviewed sections, MRD is looking for contributions that address the question in the title from various perspectives related to the goal of sustainable mountain development; this can include reflections on and suggestions in relation to thematic issues, pedagogic concepts and methods, formal and informal practices, institutional setups, and policy frameworks.

Submission of full papers by 31 March 2020


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