Call for case studies for a publication on Migration trends in Mountains

As a contribution to the  High-level Conference on Mountains in December 2017 and for International Mountain Day 2017 will be “Mountains Under Pressure – climate, hunger, migration and with the aim of better understanding a phenomenon that is strongly impacting the development of mountain areas, the Mountain Partnership Secretariat (MPS) and the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) of the University of Bern, Switzerland are joining forces to produce a publication on migration trends in mountains.

We are contacting you to ask whether you would be interested in contributing a case study to the publication.

At this point, we are just collecting offers of case studies on the following broad themes:

  • Rural to urban migration within mountain areas
  • Migration from uplands to lowlands
  • Migration from the mountains to a foreign country
  • The role of remittances from migrants to those who remain in the mountains
  • The impact of migration on women
  • The impact of migration on demographic trends
  • The link between climate change and migration

Please highlight the drivers of migration as much as possible.

If you would like to propose one or more case studies, please send them to by 31 July providing the following information:

  • A brief intro summarizing the contents of the case study (max 1 page);
  • the country (or countries) to which the case study refers; and
  • with reference to the list above, the topic(s) to which the case study refers.

Once we have received all offers of case studies, we will review them and select a representative number, taking into account their geographical distribution, themes and implementing and funding organizations.

If your case study is chosen, we will contact you at the beginning of August with further details. At that time, and only if your proposal is selected, a full case study will need to be provided. Its total length should be up to 1,000 words (which will be possibly edited) and submitted with up to 5 high-quality images (of which some will be used). Everyone who contributes a case study will be acknowledged in the publication and receive a copy of it. Kindly notice that we would need to have the final text of this document ready by October 2017, hence final contributions will have to be submitted by 10 September.


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