Post Forum Carpaticum Publications

Special issues including FC 2016 papers:
Annals of Forest Research – issue including Forum Carpaticum 2016 papers
Science of The Total Environment – special issue dedicated to the Forum Carpaticum 2016

Verga M., Manea G. (eds.) (2016) Forum Carpaticum 2016: Future of the Carpathians: Smart, Sustainable, Inclusive. Conference Abstracts. September 28-30, 2016, Bucharest.

Kruhlov I., Prots B. (eds.) (2014) Forum Carpaticum 2014: Local Responses to Global
Challenges. Conference Abstracts. September 16-18, 2014, Lviv.

Kruhlov I., Prots B. (eds) (2014) Local Responses to Global Challenges: Proceedings
of Forum Carpaticum 2014. Ukrayinskyy Bestseler, Lviv. 120 pp.

Read the variety of papers regarding sustainable mountain development in the Carpathians in our newest publication: The Carpathians: Integrating Nature and Society towards Sustainability.

Carpathian book
Kozak J., Ostapowicz K., Bytnerowicz A., Wyżga B. (eds.) (2013) The Carpathians: Integrating Nature and Society towards Sustainability, Springer, ISBN 978-3-642-12724-3, 720 pp.

Previous publications:

Boltižiar M. (eds.) (2012) Conference Abstracts of the 2nd Forum Carpaticum. From Data to Knowledge, from Knowledge to Action, ISBN: 978‐80‐968901‐9‐4, 214 pp.

Boltižiar M. (eds.) (2012) Conference Proceeding of the 2nd Forum Carpaticum. From Data to Knowledge, from Knowledge to Action, ISBN: 978-80-89325-24-5, 34 pp.

Kozak J., Björnsen Gurung A., Ostapowicz K. (eds.) (2011) Research Agenda for the Carpathians: 2010-2015. Kraków, 43 pp.

Ostapowicz K., Kozak J. (eds.) (2010) Conference Proceedings of the 1st Forum Carpaticum. Integrating Nature and Society Towards Sustainability. ISBN: 978-83-88424-54-0, 164 pp.

Björnsen Gurung A., Bokwa A., Chełmicki W., Elbakidze M., Hirschmugl M., Hostert P., Ibisch P., Kozak J., Kuemmerle T., Matei E., Ostapowicz K., Pociask-Karteczka J., Schmidt L., van der Linden S., Zebisch M. (2009) Global Change Research in the Carpathian Mountain Region, Mountain Research and Development, 29, 3, 282-288

Ostapowicz K., Sitko I. (eds.) (2009) Science for the Carpathians. Strategy Development and Networking Workshop, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland, 27-28 May 2008. Workshop Report. Bern, Switzerland, ISBN: 978-83-88424-40-3, 46 pp.