Carpathian data

In this section, we present the freely available datasets covering various aspects of sustainable mountain development in the Carpathians.

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A novel dataset of permanent plots in extremely species-rich temperate grasslands


CARPATCLIM – Climate of the Carpathian region

Land use

Dataset on forest disturbance in the Tatra Mountains (2003-2014)

Enhanced land use datasets and future scenarios of land change for Slovakia

Forest cover mask from historical topographic maps based on image processing (the Polish Carpathians)

Historical land use dataset of the Carpathian region (1819–1980)


Mid-19th century road network dataset for Galicia and Austrian Silesia, Habsburg Empire

Railway network of Galicia and Austrian Silesia (1847-1914)

Mid-19th-century building structure locations in Galicia and Austrian Silesia under the Habsburg Monarchy

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S4C is a community of scientists and stakeholders working on global change issues in the Carpathian Mountains. We invite you to become a member and active contributor to this growing community that has as a common goal the conservation and sustainable development of the Carpathian Region. Please sign up to …

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S4C Partners

Main S4C partner in the region is the Interim Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention, a subregional treaty to foster the sustainable development and the protection of the Carpathians. The official Memorandum of Understanding between S4C and the Carpathian Convention has been signed in Stará Lesná, Slovakia in 2012.